Sherilee & Aaron, Kerikeri

Sherilee & Aaron were married at Liddington Garderns in Kerikeri April of this year.

The weather didn’t quite play ball but to be honest it didn’t really matter.

Rachel Jordan of Two Little Starfish captured their moments.

Annalise Bergman was Sherilee’s make up artist.

I was doing her hair.

Loving these images.


Bride and groom sitting in gardens under umbrella. Hair Laurel Stratford, bay of Islands NZ

Under the umbrella


Bride & Groom in the car, in rain, Kerikeri, NZ. Hair Laurel Stratford

In the car


Bride and Groon standing in the water,showing the bride

Together in the water


Bride and groom at Rainbow Falls in Kerikeri, NZ. Hair Laurel Stratford Hairstylist

The Bride & Groom at Rainbow Falls


Head and shoulders of the bride and groom wrapped with the veil, Kerikeri, NZ. Hair Laurel Stratford hairstylist

So in love


Bride and Groon in front of stone cliffs of Rainbow Falls track, Kerikeri, NZ. Hair Laurel Stratford hairstylist

On Rainbow Falls track


Bride lying in the autumn leave, Kerikeri, NZ. Hair Laurel Stratford Hairstylist

The bride in the leaves


Bride and groom in the Garderns, Kerikeri, NZ. Hair Laurel Stratford hairstylist

In the Garderns


Bride and groom in the leaves,Kerikeri, NZ. Hair Laurel Stratford Hairstylist

In the leaves


Lucy’s Tuesday wedding

It’s always fun to be out of the salon on a weekday doing a wedding.

So it was with Lucy.

We got her ready at her parents house on Tuesday morning in March.In beautiful vintage surroundings in the countryside surrounding Kerikeri, I did hair for Lucy, her bridesmaid and Mum for her wedding out at Kingfisher lodge.

This was the last wedding at the Lodge unfortunately. Such a lovely spot.

These are some of the images from Rachel Jordan of Two Little Starfish.

MUA Annalise Bergman did beautiful make up for the girls.

Myself doing hair.

Putts Green fantastic bouquets



Putting flowers into brides hair,hair laurel Stratford

The finishing touches for Lucy


Putting flowers into the bride

In go the flowers


Elizabeth – Feb 2016 Kerikeri

I was asked to do this little wedding at the end of February.

Just two to get ready, the Bride and her Sister.

Elizabeth’s style was vintage.

She was a natural darker redhead and had chosen a golden lace gown. I fell in love with that in a hurry.

Greg Campbell photography was there to capture the moments, great to see his work again.

Samantha Nicholls was make up artist, love her work.

Putts Green flowers, always beautiful.

Everything was held at the Pear Tree in Kerikeri.



Much rain

Much rain



Ilona & Taylor’s gorgeous New Years eve wedding

It’s not unusual for me to be working at a wedding on New Year’s Eve.

This one I was especially looking forward to doing, as I knew some of the details involved.

I knew the Bridesmaids were wearing gold sequin gowns made by Sharon Burges. That the Bride was having a Zimmerman gown and that the talented Jess Burges would be capturing their moments.

Also make up artist Samantha Nichols would be there with me to prep this gorgeous bridal party.

It was all so beautiful.


Wedding gown hanging in the doorway od the barn

The Wedding gown


Mother and daughter of bride standing next to gown hanging in the barn doorway, hair Laurel Stratford hairstylist

Mother & daughter of the Bride


Bride and her sister, hair Laurel Stratford hairstylist

The Bride and her Sister


The girls of the wedding party dressed ready to go, black & white image. Hair Laurel Stratford

The girls all ready


The bride and groom with the bride

What a beautiful veil


The bride & her daughter the flower girl, hair Laurel Stratford hairstylist

Ilona and Livie


Bride & groom walking on the grassy hillside. hair Laurel Stratford

The Bride & Groom


Bride & groom on road surrounded by trees,bay of Islands NZ, hair Laurel stratford hairstylist

The Bride & Groom

Hayley & Bronson

I first met Hayley & Bronson when they lived next door to us in our little town of Kerikeri.

It’s so nice to see their relationship bloom into a marriage and another child in their family.

Hayley seemed a bit nervous on the day but so, so happy to be marrying Bronson. It was lovely to see.

Hayley’s Mum Jo made her exquisite gown and the little bouquets for the girls. While Wendy from Putts Green made Hayley’s beautiful bouquet.

Images thanks to Greg Campbell Photography.

Cindy from ‘the Santuary’ did the girls make up and I did the girls hair.

Loved being part of this celebration.


The bride & groom kissing in the garden. Kerikeri, NZ. HAIR Laurel Stratford Hairstylist

The Bride & Broom, Hayley & Bronson


The girls of the wedding party, garden wedding Kerikeri, NZ, hair Laurel Stratford hairstylist

The girls of the wedding party, so gorgeous.


Bride & groom kissing behind flowers and wedding party

Hayley & Bronson having some fun


Love these flowers

Love these flowers


Back view of the bride

Hayley’s hairstyle from behind