Yondette & June

What can I say, these two were just lovely to meet and work with.

I met both Yondette & June in March 2016 when they were doing a ‘meet & greet’ for their big day January 2017. They were over from Melbourne to get their wedding plans underway.

The next time we were meeting was late on a Friday night in November 2016 for Yondette’s wedding hair trial. She had seen a couple of images that looked okay but really had few ideas of what would be her best option. She had super fine hair and wanted something with volume. So I got to work prepping h

er hair and did a quick clipping scenario to see if we liked one option. Then onto the bigger job of option two.

Option two it was to be.

January rolled around with speed and it was at last their day. Samantha Nicholls – make up artist & I joined the day bright and early at The Duke of Marlborough. We were met by Yondette & photographers ‘Daisy & the Duke’, as well as ‘Twelve08studios’ videographers both  from Brisbane.

Ida Birch was celebrant. Yondette’s Mum did flowers. They married on the family property & had a huge few days of celebrations.

I just loved it seeing their joy.

L 🙂

Bride having hair put up by Laurel stratford wedding hairstylist

Yondette’s turn


The bride getting her dress done up. Hair Laurel Stratford wedding hair

Getting dressed



Mother of the Bride holding mirror for the bride. Hair Laurel Stratford wedding hairstylist

The two Yondettes


Bridesmaids & bride toasting the day and ready to meet the groom. Hair laurel stratford hairstylist

Bridal party ready to go


The Bride on her way to meet the groom going down the stairs of the duke of Marlborough. Hair Laurel Stratford wedding hairstylist

Yondette on her way


Bridal wedding party in Russell NZ. Hair Laurel Stratford wedding hair

Gorgeous girls


The Bride in Russell. Hair Laurel Stratford wedding hairstylist

The Bride, So Pretty in Russell.



The Bride & Broom at sea in the Bay of Islands NZ. Hair Laurel Stratford wedding hairstylist

Yondette & June


Fireworks with the bride & groom. Hair Laurel Stratford bridal hair

Fireworks to end the day




Valeria & Neil

I really enjoyed working with this lovely couple Valeria & Neil.

Most of the time I never meet the Groom as my work is primarily with the Bride. But when make up artist Samantha Nicholls and I arrived at Paroa Bay Winery we met Neil. He was so happy to engage with us and was clearly enjoying the beginning of his wedding day.

Valeria, a gorgeous Russian had been living in NZ for almost seven years and today was the day she married her Kiwi love.

With a lot of preparation still going on we got our Bride to settle down and get ready.

Most of the time we have met and done a trial as we had here but there was still uncertainty about the finished look. With a bit of chatting and thinking things through I came up with Valeria’s look and we had a very happy bride.

I’m adding in my photo off my phone as it shows Valeria’s hair.

The best images of course are from Dreamlife Photos & Video Auckland.

Celebrant Ida Birch.

Catering Ake Ake.


L 🙂

Back veiw of bridal hairstyle, hair Laurel Stratford hairstylist

My phone image


The bride and groom dancing

The Bride & Groom


Amanda’s spring wedding in Paihia, bay of Islands.

Amanda got married in the beautiful Stone Church in Paihia.

We got the girls ready at a bach just behind the Church, so it was actually walking distance for this wedding party.

Amanda was after a simple looking updo but one that was a bit dishevelled. She had very thick dark brunette hair, perfect for the style and great to work.

Her Bridesmaids all had different styles, which was fun. Here are some of their styles and their finished looks.

Images Sarah Marshell photography.

Make up Annalise Bergman.


L 🙂

Back view of bridesmaid, long half up half down style with multi coloured brunette

Beautiful long multi coloured brunette


Braided updo for blonde bridesmaid, hair laurel Stratford wedding hairstylist, back view, bay of Islands nz

Braided updo for this blonde bridesmaid


The wedding party before going to the church, ready to go. Hair Laurel stratfordwedding hairstylist

The girls before going to the chapel, having a drink.


Laurel Stratford wedding hairstylist putting in the bride

Putting the in the Bride’s veil


Half up half down view of the bridesmaid, hair laurel Stratford wedding hairstylist

Front veiw half up half down


Back view of bridesmaid hairstyle while having make up applied, hair laurel Stratford wedding hairstyliat

Hair done, make up next.

The bride on the beach in the bay of islands NZ, hair laurel Stratford wedding hairstylist

Amanda the Bride

Wedding party on the beach after the wedding, hair laurel Stratford wedding hairstylist

The girls wedding party on the beach

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If you’re into Instagram you’ll know its all about different folks posting their images about what they’re up to on an international stage. Laurel is one of those folk.

If you haven’t been there, nows your chance . Go to her home page, you will see a direct link button (looks like a square with a camera in it) to her Instagram account. Click on it and spend a bit of time scrolling through her images. You can even ‘like’ or ‘follow’ her.

It’s a great way to see a little bit more of who she is, what she does, where she travels and the things that interest her.

You’ll also get to see her latest work.

This can be Editorial Photo Shoots with different Photographers. Her weekly Brides and Bridesmaids hairstyles or updos from her many Weddings in the Bay of Islands, Kerikeri, Russell and Far north.

Her images are made up of #btc (behind the chair) shots on her iPhone and professional shots from those also working in the wedding industry in the area.

Here is a sample of her #2016bestnine (her nine most ‘liked’ images)


(P.S details regarding image credits available on individual posts @laurelstratford on Instagram)

Best nine Instagram images 2016 laurel Stratford hairstylist, editorial images, wedding hair bridesmaids hairstyles brides hair

Laurel’s Instagram #2016bestnine


Editoral photoshoot for Embellish Designs

Models on beach for photoshoot,NZ beach, hair Laurel Stratford hairstylist

Gorgeous girls

Summer on the beach

Models on Beach for resort wear photoshoot, takou bay NZ, hair Laurel Stratford hairstylist



Models on Beach for resort wear photoshoot, takou bay NZ, hair Laurel Stratford hairstylist

Tara & Summer





Models on Beach for resort wear photoshoot, takou bay NZ, hair Laurel Stratford hairstylist



Models on Beach for resort wear photoshoot, takou bay NZ, hair Laurel Stratford hairstylist



Models on Beach for resort wear photoshoot, takou bay NZ, hair Laurel Stratford hairstylist


I was asked to do hair for an editorial photoshoot for Rachelle who owns Embellish Design, a great little shop in Kerikeri.

As ever with these photo shoots  it takes a bit of organising. Models, make up artists, photographers, hairstylists and of course the weather must all come together on one day.

Patience is a good thing and Rachelle did very well in organising everyone. Even the weather work although it was a bit windy.

Photographer Jess Burges of Exposure photographics. I love the light with the girls, just gorgeous.

Make up Lynsay Read, beautifully natural.

My brief was soft curl, beachy and quite natural. Both girls had soft fine long hair. Perfect.

Check out Rachelle’s Facebook page (Embellish Designs)