Certified Keratin bond & Tape-In Extension by Great Lengths

Hi All

I wanted to let you know that I am offering a new service. Earlier in the year I became a Certified Keratin Bond Extension installer using Great Lengths.

Why Great Lengths you ask and why Keratin bond?

Great Length hair is ethnically source from the Temples in India. This means the hair has been bought from the Temples and those giving their hair have done so of their own choice. From there the hair goes to the Great Lengths factory in Italy.

It’s then checked to make sure it is virgin hair(not chemically treated). After this it is soaked in oxidation tanks to remove the colour and toned using textile dyes to get the right colours. There are about 100 different colours available. This leaves the hair still in its ‘virgin’ state. The hair continues to be processed by hand & machine in the factory. Their Tape-in extensions are processed in the same way.

Each Keratin bond can be installed whole or cut down smaller to work with the individuals thickness of their hair. The bonds are ‘double drawn’ meaning the thickness is the same at the bottom as the top. They are also ‘Remi’ hair, meaning the hair’s cuticles are all downwards facing like your own hair. This enables the hair to be more tangle free.

Why have keratin bond over nano beads or any at all?

The Keratin bonds behave like our keratin, it swells and shrinks as our Keratin does when wet, allowing less damage to the hair its bonded to. The bonds are quite small & allow for greater comfort to the wearer.

You may have thin areas in your hair around your face that will benefit from having more hair there. You may just have thin hair and would like more. You may want your hair to have more length, its a great way of getting you there while your hair grows to that length. You may just want longer hair. For most its do-able. Touch base with me and we can do a consultation to see what will work.

Maintenance, How do I look after them?

The biggest thing is brushing your hair, this needs to be done 2-3 times a day. It keeps your natural hair from getting tangled in the bond area. Washing needs a sulphate free, silicon free range. I recommend La Biosthestique ranges but there are now many ranges available. It easier having a silk pillowcase & a drying turban as well. One just needs to be a bit gentle like you would with lash extensions when handling them, especially when they’re wet. Keep sunblock away from them & your purple shampoo.

How long do they last?

The bonds unlike tape-ins which need to be lifted & processed every 4-6 weeks can last 3-6 months depending on your hair type.

When its time to have them taken out the hair cannot be used again in your hair. Instead they are sent onto the ‘Little Princess Trust’ to be made into wigs for childhood hair loss sufferers.

If you have any other question, I’d be happy to answer them.


Styled Shoot September

Just when I was thinking that I’d like to do some photos I got an invitation in my Inbox to join a collaborative shoot.

My brief was a modern urban feel and really what would go with a very cool gown. So this is what I did.

Below are the other amazing vendors:

Stylist and photography: @joelandbonita | Bridal Gown: @boomblush | Suit Hire: @omen.suit.hire | Makeup Artist: @katyjanemakeupartist | Hairstylist: @laurelstratford_hair | Florist: @botanicastudio | Venue: @weddingsattheduke / @dukeofmarlborough | Models: @lizzykacey and Cian

Pizza: @honesgardenrussell 

Rikka & Aaron Jan 10 2022

After the disappointment of having to postpone their wedding from November it was so nice to see these two married in early January. We got them ready in Paihia and off to Bayly’s farm for a gorgeous day with friends and family.

Rikka had two attendants and two Mum’s for me to do. Beautiful long hair to work with for the wedding party and then those lovely Mum’s for blow drying and styling.

Check out some of her lovely images from ‘Wildsouls’. Flowers by ‘Bronze Fig Floral’.

Vaccine Passports

Hi all,

I just wanted to let you know about how Vaccine Passports work for me in New Zealand.

As a Hairdresser/stylist (Close contact business) I have to be fully vaccinated to be able to work in Red & Orange in the Covid protection traffic light system. Can’t remember it’s proper name 🙄.
Anyway as I said above this allows me work. These are quite far reaching rules, so I’ll explain as best as I can.

What it means is I can only work with other (other close contact Vendors) who are fully vaccinated and on others (those getting hair done) who are fully vaccinated in Red & Orange. It doesn’t matter where that work takes place, it’s work. For example salon, home, hotel, public or private, I’m working so have to follow the rules for a close contact business.

In fact all close contact businesses have to follow these rules. Or face a fine of $15K…ah no thanks!!

I have no idea what the rules will be for Green. We are of the understanding that we will free to work with anyone no matter what their vaccination status is. But they actually haven’t told us definitely yet. So fingers crossed here.

I hope that explains it enough for you. There is an explanation on the Covid & nz business websites for all to look at.

Please feel free to contact me for a chatter your wedding hair. But outside of these rule I am unable to work with you.