Editoral photoshoot for Embellish Designs

Models on beach for photoshoot,NZ beach, hair Laurel Stratford hairstylist

Gorgeous girls

Summer on the beach

Models on Beach for resort wear photoshoot, takou bay NZ, hair Laurel Stratford hairstylist



Models on Beach for resort wear photoshoot, takou bay NZ, hair Laurel Stratford hairstylist

Tara & Summer





Models on Beach for resort wear photoshoot, takou bay NZ, hair Laurel Stratford hairstylist



Models on Beach for resort wear photoshoot, takou bay NZ, hair Laurel Stratford hairstylist



Models on Beach for resort wear photoshoot, takou bay NZ, hair Laurel Stratford hairstylist


I was asked to do hair for an editorial photoshoot for Rachelle who owns Embellish Design, a great little shop in Kerikeri.

As ever with these photo shoots Β it takes a bit of organising. Models, make up artists, photographers, hairstylists and of course the weather must all come together on one day.

Patience is a good thing and Rachelle did very well in organising everyone. Even the weather work although it was a bit windy.

Photographer Jess Burges of Exposure photographics. I love the light with the girls, just gorgeous.

Make up Lynsay Read, beautifully natural.

My brief was soft curl, beachy and quite natural. Both girls had soft fine long hair. Perfect.

Check out Rachelle’s Facebook page (Embellish Designs)



Fiona was surrounded by her best friends from her flatting days in her University years.

These lovely young women now lived all over the world and had a varity of vocations.

Some had their very young babies with them, while the others still enjoyed their freedom.

All the same it was a fantastic time being with and seeing how they loved their special friend on her wedding day.

Thanks Ladies, it was such a pleasure.

L πŸ™‚

Location for getting ready, Hananui Lodge Russell. Ceremony location, Russell beach, NZ . Reception location, Russell town hall & Green.

Images Emma Rogers ‘your moments’

Hair, myself.


Make and back view of bridesmaids hairstyl. Hair Laurel Stratford wedding hairstylist

Great view of bridesmaids hairstyle


Bridal accessory being added to Bride

The Bride’s braided hairstyle..getting the finishing touch put in


Bridesmaids looking on as bride being dressed u maid of honour. Hair laurel Stratford wedding hairstylist

Bridesmaids looking on as the bride is being dressed by Maid of Honour


Bride behind groom for first look. hair Laurel Stratford hairstylist

The Bride about to see the Groom…’First Look’


First look & kiss with the Bride and Groom

First look & kiss with the Bride and Groom


Bridesmaids laughing togethe. Hair Laurel Stratford hairstylist

Gorgeous bridesmaids laughing


Side view of bridesmaid hairstyle, chatting with groomsman after wedding location Russell, NZ. Hair laurel Stratford hairstylist

The wedding party


The wedding party

The wedding party


Should I have colour put into my hair for my wedding?

Back view of the bride

Hayley’s hairstyle from behind


Putting in the final touches

Putting in the final touches for Fiona


Hair colour…to go there or not?

There are so many questions and tasks to consider when you are planning your wedding day.

I am a hairdresser working in a salon four days a week. I deal with coloured hair almost every day I’m working. I have coloured hair myself.

What I’ve seen from creating bridal hairstyles for my Brides and their Bridesmaids is that different colours in the hair make a style absolutely gorgeous. Any details pop straight away.

If the hair colour is one colour, be that red, brunette or blonde those details are harder to see. Compare the two images above of two of my Bridal updos. Both are beautiful wedding hairstyles but you see the difference a little colour makes?

Talk to your normal hairdresser or Myself about what may be appropriate for your hair. Hatch a plan together. Chances are you have 12 months or more to create the colour look you are after for your wedding day.

You can be subtle or bold, the choice is yours about how you imagine your finished look to be.

But go there ladies, you want your bridal look to be stunning.

L πŸ™‚

Jess & Sam

Jess and Sam came all the way from Melbourne to marry on their family’s historic property at the back of Russell,Bay of Islands, NZ.

The property was beach front so the aim was for them to have their wedding ceremony at full tide. Full tide was 1.30pm.

We had a very large wedding party of three bridesmaids and two Grooms women as well as Mother of the Bride and a little flower girl.

MUA Samantha Nicholls and I headed out the night before as we had a 5am start and car ferry timetable limitations to deal with.

These ladies were great to be and we had some fun getting them ready with a varity of hairstyles to do.

Images Two Little Starfish, Flowers Putts Green.

thanks Ladies

L πŸ™‚

The Bride having her dress checked by bridesmaid before her wedding, location private beach back of Russell, Bay of Islands NZ

Jessica and her maid


Back view of bridal hairstyle as veil being added

Putting in Jess’s Veil


Bridesmaid adjusting bridal gown while bride looks in mirror, hair LaurelStratford hairstylist

Bridesmaid adjusting the Bride’s gown


Bride and groom seated in the tree for creative shoot,russell NZS, wedding hair Laurel Stratford

Creative shoot in the tree


Bride and groom in small boat in river for creative shoot,russell NZ,wedding hair Laurel Stratford hairstylist

Creative shoot in the boat with the Bride and Groom


Bride and groom on beach with groom lifting bride,Russell ,NZ, wedding hair Laurel Stratford hairstylist

Low tide with the Bride and Groom


Wedding party sitting in tree,Russell NZ, Wedding hair, Laurel Stratford hairstylist

The wedding party



A moment for the bride’s sister during the wedding ceremony

How long does wedding hair take to do?

Curls clipped up in preparation for wedding,bridal & editorial hairstyles

Have you always wondered how it can take so long to get ready for your wedding day?

Well as you know part of the day is getting hair and makeup done. Most of us do this on a daily basis, chances are it won’t take us two hours though. How come is does for our Wedding?

Above is often part of how you may find yourself looking before your Bridal hairstyle is finished.

You see hair preparation is part of making your wedding hair last for the 12 hours or so of your wedding.

Your hair Prep will go something like this… You arrive with clean dry hair, I add into it the appropriate hair product to smooth or boost hair volume. Then it’s usually curls of different types, put up or left to set like above and taken out just in time for your wedding ceremony.

I like to call this look ‘Nana to glamour’ and in all truth its the bit fun needed to get through this often hectic day πŸ˜‰

These images of my dark hair Model Sammy are from part of a Editorial Photoshoot a group of us did a few months ago. My model has straight very long hair.

MUA: Lynnette Watson, Image: Two Little Starfish, Silver Rings: handmade by Marlene Strode, Hair: Laurel Stratford


L πŸ™‚