My amazing time with Patrick Cameron

Since winning the ‘Patrick Cameron Photographic Challenge 2012’, I have been looking forward to receiving the BIG part of my prize.

Namely spending 4 hours training one on one with Patrick and the rest of the afternoon with him and a few others lunching.

Wow, what an experience.

I learnt 5 major styles and them others thown in as we progressed throughout our time.

Training with Patrick is so great, as he works step by step. So I learnt a style from it’s foundation up.

Now I’ll be able to adapt these styles as I wish for my own clients.

Infact since last Monday I have used what I learnt every day.

Yes, I’ve had two weddings, two wedding trials and two friend going to a wedding…full on, but oh so good.

check out my styles.



You may be asking yourself “what’s with this ‘Pinterest’ button?”

Well those in the know will understand…

If you want to find inspiration about almost anything just click on the button and it will take you to another world.

Check out my profile, I have 12 boards ranging from ‘Hair and Make up’ to ‘Things i love and want’

There is a world waiting with thousands of wedding related pictures also

For me its about finding hairstyles & looks that I love and doing them for my Brides or for a Photo shoot

Here are a couple of collages I put together for a bride wanting a vintage look…enjoy


a lovely Canadian wedding

Today I went out to a little bach overlooking the lovely Opito Bay in the Bay of Islands.

There I had the pleasure of getting the lovely Alison and her Family and bridesmaids ready for a their special day.

Alison came all the way from Canada to marry her New Zealand sweetheart.

Thanks ladies you were just wonderful to be with for the day

Loved it


An International Experience with three Brides

Wow what a busy weekend it was.

I had the pleasure of working with Three lovely women, from different backgrounds but with  very New Zealand roots.

Friday morning was a Kiwi/Indian wedding on board the boat ‘Ipipiri’

Friday afternoon was a Canadian-Korean/Kiwi wedding in Russell at Christs Church

While Saturday saw Kiwi’s living in London return home for their very special day in Omapere.

All very different, all so lovely.

Thank you ladies.