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Aya & Jacob 26/12/18

The Gorgeous Aya & Jacob’s Wedding, December 26 2018. It was a beautiful day for a backyard wedding tucked away in the outskirts of Kerikeri. My last wedding for the year with just the Bride & one Bridesmaid to style hair for. These women had met doing English language classes together, the Bride Thai & […]

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Do you want to be on time or a little late, relaxed or stressed?

An interesting question. Most Brides I’ve worked with want to be a little late and as relaxed as possible. So I had this very valid question the other day of ‘do you work alone or have another stylist with you, as at my sister’s wedding we were really late due to the hairstylist?’ The hard […]

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Check out @laurelstratford on Instagram

If you’re into Instagram you’ll know its all about different folks posting their images about what they’re up to on an international stage. Laurel is one of those folk. If you haven’t been there, nows your chance . Go to her home page, you will see a direct link button (looks like a square with […]

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